2019 Chevrolet Blazer Review

While the compact and 3-row SUV segment has been growing by leaps and bounds, this 5-passenger midsize type has been getting squeezed out. But with our insatiable appetite for utility vehicles these too are on the comeback. This is the all-new Blazer.
Similar in length, wheelbase and ground clearance to the TrailBlazer before it, the new Blazer is marked by daring design and robust levels of technology.  This one here is the sporty RS trim with a host of distinguishing traits and blacked-out features that lend it a Camaro-like persona.  Not for the introverted, the Blazer RS is a visually stunning specimen with a futuristic patina and crazy 20” Dark Android wheels.  So you see it and think it’s going to be all spicy and sonorous, but in reality it’s soothing and serene.
Bigger than the Equinox and smaller than the Traverse, the Blazer fleshes out Chevy’s SUV lineup with a boldly-styled yet quietly composed midsized comeback.
The Blazer’s design says racy but this SUV is more of a teddy bear, with the headline being quiet and soft.  This RS trim is all about style and the V6 is very strong but the Blazer coddles its occupants with automatic everything and technology that doesn’t fight you.

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