2020 Honda CR-V Touring AWD 

2020 Honda CR-V Touring AWD Review By Auto Critic Steve Hammes.
To say this current generation CR-V has been a success would be a huge understatement. Redesigned for 2017 replete with major improvements, the CR-V and its car counterpart the Civic are Honda’s sales darlings. And this week I’m spending my time with the spruced up 2020 model.
MSRP as-tested: $35,870

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Understanding How You and Your Car Perform

Hi, I’m Steve Hammes from DriveTime. Understanding your car’s performance limits as well as your own is a critical skill. Several factors affect the time it takes to stop a vehicle safely including, perception distance.  That is how far your…

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Seat Belts and Child Safety

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Safety First

Hi, I’m Steve Hammes from DriveTime. Good safety habits should be taught long before teens take a seat behind the wheel. Driving a car requires skill, which comes from practice and time.  But we believe that safety should be the…

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