The vaunted Golf R; the pinnacle of performance for VW’s humble hatchback. For the enthusiast crowd, the allure of a speedy little 5-door hasn’t wavered which is why Volkswagen is leaving the base Golf off of their American car menu and instead is exclusively importing the GTI and Golf R; the models the drivers want. And this all-new Mk8 keeps to the Golf R’s tenets of being fast, glued to the road, fun-to-drive and within financial reach of mere mortals. Don’t worry manual lovers; a 6-speed is still available but this DSG automatic-equipped Golf R with all of its features as standard carries an MSRP of $45,885. It only comes in 3 colors and if you’re shift-for-yourself curious the stick costs $800 less, delivers 15 fewer pound-feet of torque and loses 3mpg. This Golf R is so good at what it does I sometimes feel like I’m just along for the ride.  Either way we should all be glad that VW hasn’t abandoned this car – a nice counterpoint to the EV revolution.  

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2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe VIDEO REVIEW

2016 Jaguar F-TYPE R Coupe VIDEO REVIEW by Auto Critic Steve Hammes Since Jaguar’s brilliant F-TYPE Coupe and Convertible arrived a couple of years ago I’ve been privileged enough to drive every variant available, on both coasts, from autumn, top-down…

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2015 Volkswagen Golf R PREVIEW

2015 Volkswagen Golf R PREVIEW Over the years, the Volkswagen Golf R has developed a cult following among import performance types.  It’s never available for all too long and is sold in limited numbers making it a coveted ride.  And…

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