Super Cruise….the cutting edge hands-free driving tech. Now, you won’t hear Cadillac using the term “self-driving” – those are my words – but as long as you’re on one of the mapped limited access highways Cadillac has programmed into the system – over 200,000 miles of them – you’re mostly good. It’s super easy to use…if you can set cruise control on your car then you can do this. And when the steering wheel lights green you know you’re good to go and the hands can come off. This updated version also better mimics a more realistic driving styling and it’s near perfect in its execution. Look away for too long and there are all sorts of warnings to get you to refocus. The key for GM is to finally spread this feature throughout their entire portfolio of brands because it one thing to have it on a $100,000 Escalade but a complete game changer to offer it on a $30,000 Chevy. GM says they’ll have this option in 22 vehicles by 2023. The cost? $25 per month after the free trial expires.

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