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2013 Lexus LS 600h L

Not many can or are willing to pay 6-figures for a new car but for those accustomed to a certain level of luxury there is no substitute.  And with the LS, Lexus is offering its customers a feel-good hybrid option. …

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2014 BMW 328i xDrive Sports Wagon

I’m not sure why America’s love affair with the station wagon came to an end, but the Europeans are determined to rekindle our spirit.  This is the most recent addition to the 3-Series lineup – the all-new 2014 BMW 328i…

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2014 Mitsubishi Outlander GT S-AWC

It’s do-or-die time for Mitsubishi here in the U.S. and it’s on the SUV side where the company is seeing the majority of their sales.  So will this 2014 Outlander be the vehicle that brings them back to relevancy? Outselling…

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2014 Audi A8 L TDI

We already know the new A8 to be a tip-rung executive sedan replete with various wheelbase and engine options and to keep moving it forward Audi has done what comes naturally by now offering it as a TDI. Turbocharged Direct…

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2014 GMC Sierra 1500

More often than not, today’s half-ton pickup trucks are doing double duty.  You hardly ever see 2-door models anymore.  And with advancements in truck refinement, these rigs will happily play the role of luxury sedan.  Which mean you’re just as…

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