Many still don’t know the Genesis brand despite the fact that they’ve been selling 2 different nameplates for a couple of years now – both top notch luxury sedans, one of which comes in a delectable Sport trim. But this car is the one designed for you drivers out there – it’s their sportiest and most affordable – the all-new G70.

The Genesis brand launched late in 2016 and it’s still learning to fly, having left the Hyundai nest for its own retail space but in limited numbers. The nearest dealership to me is over 45 miles away.  And in an SUV world they don’t offer a single one.  In recent years, luxury automakers measured their coolness by their compact sports sedans.  That’s no longer the case but having a car that starts at under $40,000 is important and the G70 could be the car that gets the metal moving.  Why?  Because it’s rear-wheel drive, still offers a stick and most of all, has an exclusive allure that has captured the attention of car enthusiasts.

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2018 Genesis G80 Sport Video Review

2018 Genesis G80 Sport Video Review By Auto Critic Steve Hammes The Genesis brand’s entry-level large sedan is the G80, formerly the Hyundai Genesis. Since its redesign a few years ago, the G80 has been available with V6 or V8…

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2017 GENESIS G90 3.3T AWD VIDEO REVIEW BY AUTO CRITIC STEVE HAMMES The G90 is the Genesis brand’s inaugural flagship. You may remember it as the Hyundai Equus. I drove the V8 model last year and was wowed by its…

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