2020 Ford Escape Hybrid

2020 Ford Escape Hybrid Review By Car Critic Steve Hammes. The venerable Escape has long since been a small SUV favorite but as you can see Ford has taken its styling in a decidedly car-like direction repositioning it in their reborn, utility-focused lineup. 

The Escape is America’s small SUV.  Having been on the road now for 20 years, it’s where we’ve turned when the patriotic pangs pull us away from the RAV4, CR-V and Rogue.  And now that Ford is almost exclusively a truck and SUV brand they’ve seized the opportunity to morph the Escape into something a little more car-like so as not to alienate shoppers who aren’t SUV crazy.  And yes, believe it or not, those people still exist.  Lower, wider, longer and more aerodynamic, the new Escape resembles less the tough little SUV it once did and more the bastard child of a Porsche Cayenne and Tesla Model 3.  Thankfully, this is the Escape’s worst crime as the rest of it is actually very good.

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2019 LINCOLN MKC FIRST LOOK BY AUTO CRITIC STEVE HAMMES Lincoln’s most affordable vehicle and smallest SUV enters the 2019 model year with a fresh redesign. The last to shed the attractive split-wing grille, this MKC features the new face…

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FORD ESCAPE 2017 VIDEO REVIEW BY AUTO CRITIC STEVE HAMMES Ford’s hot-selling Escape moves into the 2017 model year with a facelift, a revised EcoBoost engine lineup and a host of convenience and tech upgrades, keeping it one of the…

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2017 Ford Escape FIRST LOOK

2017 Ford Escape FIRST LOOK by Auto Critic Steve Hammes Ford’s best-selling vehicle not named F-Series is the Escape – a compact SUV that grabbed America’s attention 15 years ago and is still the 2nd best-selling vehicle in its class. …

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2016 Ford Escape VIDEO REVIEW

2016 Ford Escape Titanium VIDEO REVIEW by Auto Critic Steve Hammes The Ford Escape remains at the top of my list in the affordable, small SUV segment, possessing the most exciting power train and in this Titanium trim, a premium…

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