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2013 Lexus CT 200h

Meeting the requirements of a young, highly discerning, environmentally conscientious customer, the 2013 Lexus CT 200h premium hybrid compact boasts low fuel consumption with an EPA estimated 43mpg on regular gas.  The CT pairs an electric drive motor to a…

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2013 Mercedes-Benz GL450

For those with the means to indulge in an opulent full-size SUV, Mercedes has just made your purchasing decision more difficult.  The lineup now includes the more miserly GL350 diesel, this bread and butter 362 horse GL450, the over-the-top 429…

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2013 Nissan Altima 2.5 SV

And that aspiration is tougher than ever.  With so much good product in this segment it’s ultimately the customer who wins.  But when you dissect them carefully there are some notable distinctions.  So here we are with Nissan’s go-getter, the…

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2013 Toyota Avalon

Designed, developed and manufactured in the United States, the all-new 2013 Toyota Avalon has undergone a dynamic transformation introducing increased performance and athletic styling.  To help reposition Toyota’s flagship within the premium midsize segment, the Avalon flaunts greater styling sophistication…

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2013 Volvo S80 T6 AWD Platinum

As Volvo continues to search for its identity amidst corporate leadership differences, the company’s lineup is in need of a full reboot.  This second generation S80, the company’s flagship, dates back to 2007.  Which is why I wasn’t expecting the…

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