Land Rover has re-powered its luxurious all-purpose, all-terrain LR4 model for 2014 and also revised front-end styling. A new 340hp 3.0-liter supercharged V6 engine and an 8-speed automatic transmission replace the previous 5.0-liter V8 and six-speed automatic, yielding comparable performance with better fuel economy. An Intelligent Stop-Start system also helps reduce fuel consumption in certain driving situations.

IMG_4556Land Rover has refined the all-terrain capability for the 2014 LR4, making a new, lighter single-speed Torsen® transfer case 4WD system standard and offering a two-speed transfer case 4WD system as part of an optional Heavy Duty Package. Expected to be selected by customers who take the LR4 into difficult off-road situations, the Heavy Duty Package also equips the vehicle with an active locking rear differential and a full-size spare tire.

IMG_4591IMG_4551Available with three-row seating for seven adults, the Land Rover LR4 is distinguished for 2014 by a refreshed front end with a two-bar grille and redesigned bumper, headlamps and fog lights. On the HSE LUX trim, the grille and side vents are Atlas (bright), while they’re Brunel (dark) for the LR4 and LR4 HSE. A striking new LED signature headlight design with Xenon high-intensity discharge (HID) technology is standard on HSE and HSE LUX models. The dramatic, optional ‘Black Design Pack’ remains available for 2014 models, featuring revised detailing, plus 19-inch or 20-inch black alloy wheels.

IMG_4581IMG_4580IMG_4571Inside the 2014 LR4, two great British brands come together, with new audio systems by Meridian™ replacing the previous systems by Harman Kardon®.

IMG_4594IMG_4572Renowned for its impeccable blend of on-road comfort and off-road capability, the LR4 uses integrated body-frame construction, featuring a steel unibody mounted on a rigid boxed full frame. The innovative — Terrain Response® system1 allows the driver to tailor the vehicle’s capabilities to the prevailing road conditions. The four-wheel independent, height-adjustable air suspension helps adapt the LR4 to varying situations or weather conditions. The driver can select from four settings, including Access (lowers the vehicle for easier ingress/egress), Standard, Off-Road and Extended.

New Mirrors, New Function

IMG_4598The redesigned exterior side-view mirrors help improve aerodynamics and also introduce new functionality. They facilitate the introduction of Blind Spot Monitoring, Closing Vehicle Sensing and Reverse Traffic Detection systems1 to the Vision Assist Package1, and they also house cameras for the improved Surround Camera System.1 The new mirrors also house the auxiliary turn signals, plus approach lamps that project a unique vehicle insignia on the ground below.

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The Land Rover LR4 provides ample room for up to seven adults, with 37.6-inch legroom in the second row seats and 36.3-inch for the third row seats – both measurements similar to the rear seat in a midsize sedan. With the second row seats in use and the third row folded, the LR4 offers a generous 42.1 cu.-ft. of carrying space, which more than doubles to 90.3 cu.-ft. with the middle row folded forward.

IMG_4569 IMG_4570All occupants in a Land Rover LR4 enjoy the skyward view through a standard Alpine Roof, which combines a power glass sunroof over the front seats with stationary glass panels over the second and third rows. A choice of natural-finish woods, along with stitched and wrapped dashboard, door casings, and center console add to the ambiance of fine craftsmanship in the Land Rover LR4.

IMG_4582The center console is inclined towards the driver for easy access to its controls. A 5-inch Thin Film Transistor (TFT) driver information LCD screen is located within the instrument cluster, and the Terrain Response® control is prominently located at the front of the center console. The steering wheel, which is adjustable for tilt and reach, features controls for driver information, remote audio controls, phone controls, cruise control, and controls for the optional heated steering wheel.

For 2014, the HSE LUX now includes the Extended Windsor Leather Package as standard and features driver’s electrically adjustable side bolsters. The package includes premium soft Windsor leather with twin-stitch detailing to the top of the dashboard and doors, armrest and grab handles and also around the instrument cluster.


IMG_4578The Land Rover LR4 conveys a strong brand identity with a distinct design heritage. The LR4 is about the length of a midsize sedan at 190.1-inches. That dimension, along with a 37.57-foot turning circle, helps make the LR4 easily maneuverable. Five new body colors are available on the LR4 for the 2014 model year: Loire Blue, Corris Grey, Scotia Grey, Chablis and Luxor.

IMG_4568The LR4 offers a variety of 19-inch and 20-inch wheel designs, two of them new for 2014. The optional Black Design Package adds gloss black treatments to the grille, fender vents, door handles, mirror caps, and badging. A satin black finish is applied to the extended roof rails.


Based on the architecture of the 5.0-liter V8 it replaces, the new supercharged V6 combines high compression (10.5:1), direct fuel injection, dual independent variable cam timing (DIVCT) system and an engine-driven supercharger to deliver comparable performance to the V8. The V6 produces 340hp at 6,500 rpm. Peak torque of 332 lb.-ft. is available from 3,500-5,000 rpm, giving the LR4 outstanding flexibility in everyday driving.

The lightweight die-cast block is reinforced with cross-bolted main bearing caps to increase rigidity and refinement. Counter-rotating front and rear balancer weights help the supercharged V6 match the smoothness and refinement of the V8 on which it is based. The V6 has a pressure die-cast deep oil sump to accommodate the extreme tilting angles (up to 45 degrees) that Land Rover vehicles can be subjected to during all-terrain driving. The engine’s belt drives are waterproofed, as are the alternator, air conditioning compressor, power steering pump and starter motor.

IMG_4592A Roots-type twin vortex supercharger is mounted in the engine’s “V,” and a liquid-cooled intercooler reduces the temperature of the intake air to optimize power and efficiency.

Unlike conventional variable valve-timing systems that rely on oil pressure, DIVCT is actuated by the positive and negative torques generated by the opening and closing of the valves, reducing energy consumption. The DIVCT units work independently on all four camshafts and timing is managed by the engine control unit for torque, power, and economy at every point in the engine’s speed range.

The Intelligent Stop/Start system uses a twin-solenoid starter, enabling the system to restart the engine more quickly than it takes for the driver’s foot to move from the brake pedal to the accelerator.

Replacing a 6-speed automatic transmission, the new 8-speed ZF® automatic offers a broad spread of ratios for an optimally balanced combination of performance and efficiency. Steering wheel paddles allow manual shifting control.

IMG_4593An Intelligent Power Management System includes smart regenerative charging. When possible, the alternator charges the battery when it is most economical to do so, such as when the vehicle is coasting rather than accelerating. A service interval of 16,000 miles or 12 months adds value to the ownership experience.

New Choice of 4WD Transfer Cases

IMG_4564New for 2014, the Land Rover LR4 offers a choice between two four-wheel drive systems. The newly standard system uses a single-speed transfer case, which weighs 40lbs (18kg) less than the optional two-speed transfer case and features a mechanical Torsen® center differential that provides a 42:58 front-rear torque split.

The two-speed transfer case is now available as part of the new optional Heavy Duty Package, which also equips the LR4 with an active locking center and rear differentials and a full-size spare tire. The two-speed case offers high and low range, with an electronically controlled infinitely variable locking center differential for the most demanding off-road conditions (vehicles not fitted with the Heavy Duty Package will feature a new four- mode Terrain Response® system that does not include the Rock Crawl function).


IMG_4587Terrain Response® is a fully integrated system1 that manages multiple vehicle parameters to provide ideal traction in varying situations. The system manages:

1.   Engine Management

2.   Transmission Control: When Terrain Response® special programs are engaged, different transmission shift mappings are applicable, depending on the mode chosen. The transmission control module also manages torque converter lock-up, which has different requirements depending on the selected Terrain Response® mode

3.   Electronic Traction Control and Anti-lock Brakes: These slip- and braking-control systems are all adjusted and tuned by Terrain Response® to offer optimum grip, braking power and safety on the chosen terrain

4.   Dynamic Stability Control (DSC): DSC is designed to stop torque to a wheel after loss of traction, but in some off-road situations torque feed is still desirable, even when traction is being lost.1 Terrain Response® automatically adjusts the DSC so that appropriate torque is maintained

5.   Locking center differential (electronic control only with Heavy Duty Package two-speed transfer case)

6.   Active locking rear differential (included with optional Heavy Duty Package)

Terrain Response® optimizes the vehicle set-up for virtually all on-road or off-road driving situations, with five different settings to suit specific terrain demands1:

1.   General driving: Four-wheel drive active, and adapts to changing road conditions

2.   Grass/Gravel/Snow: For low friction surfaces. The system is designed to provide high traction control sensitivity to reduce slip, and programs the engine, transmission, and differentials to provide gradual torque delivery

3.   Sand: One of the most power-hungry surfaces is soft sand. Sand Launch Control makes for an easier drive-away. Speed-dependent targets for the traction control system permit only very limited wheel slip, helping to prevent the wheels digging down into the sand

4.   Mud and Ruts: To preserve forward momentum, this setting allows more aggressive traction thresholds in muddy and rutted surfaces and uses preloading on differentials for increased traction

5.   Rock Crawl (only with Heavy Duty Package): For low-speed movement over rocky terrain. The Rock Crawl program applies low-level brake pressure when the vehicle is in First or Reverse gears at speeds below 3 mph (5km/h). This low-level brake force reduces the vehicle’s tendency to move fore/aft, and provides active intervention of the traction control system, giving a more composed drive over rocky terrain. The transmission delays upshifts

Other features integrated into Terrain Response®:

Hill Descent Control (HDC®) automatically restricts speed downhill, using the anti-lock brake system, and improves driver control on slippery descents1. HDC® is automatically engaged on appropriate Terrain Response® programs, and downhill speed rates vary according to which surface is selected.

Gradient Release Control inhibits the initial rate of acceleration when descending steep inclines, in order to increase control when braking is released at extreme angles1. The system activates automatically whenever HDC® is engaged, temporarily maintaining brake pressure after the driver releases the brake pedal. It then progressively eases braking pressure to control vehicle momentum and acceleration. Once the vehicle’s target off-road speed is achieved, HDC operates to take the vehicle to the bottom of the slope in a composed manner. Hill Start Assist automatically retains the driver-generated brake pressure when the driver’s foot moves from brake to throttle without the vehicle rolling backward1.


IMG_4579The 2014 Land Rover LR4 has a 7,716-lb (3,500kg) towing capacity with a braked trailer, and is available with an integrated factory trailer hitch receiver. The Trailer Stability Assist function of Dynamic Stability Control detects trailer oscillations by monitoring key vehicle behaviors, such as steering movements and slight vehicle motions in relation to trailer behavior1. The system can initiate engine torque reduction and individual wheel braking interventions to assist in stabilizing the trailer.

The optional Surround Camera System, which is part of the Vision Assist Package for the LR4 HSE and HSE LUX models, can help the driver to perform accurate, safe towing maneuvers1. The system’s five cameras relay to the touch-screen a near 360-degree view of the vehicle and allow zooming.

The wide views from the side cameras give a clear picture of the reversing trailer. The images are electronically manipulated to provide an undistorted view, with guide lines overlaid on the rear camera image to illustrate both the vehicle and trailer’s trajectory. Specific characteristics such as type of trailer, number of axles, and width guides can be fed into the system to fine-tune guidance.


The available hard disc drive navigation system offers features such as TMC (Traffic Message Channel), Voice and Off-Road guidance4. The Points of Interest (POI) function has been extended. POIs can also be downloaded from the Internet and personalized with name, icon and audible warnings. A ‘My POI’ category is included, and POIs can be uploaded from a USB stick in ‘GPX’ format. A new function, “Avoid Points,” can be accessed from Stored Locations and used during route planning.

In the navigation display, highway overhead signs are displayed in split screen junction view to show a more representative display of lane and road signs ahead. There’s also a Map Auto Zoom function which, when enabled, automatically zooms in on intersections or highway junctions as they are approached.

The Land Rover LR4 offers clean, powerful sound through a standard 380-Watt Meridian™ sound system with 11 speakers, or an optional 825-Watt Meridian™ system with 17 speakers5. An available Rear Seat Entertainment (RSE) system is equipped with a single-slot DVD drive in the audio head unit so the disc can be conveniently loaded from the front seats. The Rear Seat Entertainment system incorporates WhiteFire™ cordless headphones and can be controlled by wireless remote control. The system supports connectivity with game consoles and video playback of MP4 files stored on a USB device. The phonebook stores several thousand entries, while the TFT Message Center interface displays audio, phone and navigational information.

The Portable Audio Interface, which has been relocated from the center console to the upper glove box for 2014, allows connectivity to an array of personal audio storage devices, including iPod® devices, USB sticks and MP3 players. Their functions can be accessed and controlled through the dashboard’s touch-screen system.4

IMG_4559The headlights incorporate available Automatic High Beam Assist, which can automatically switch on high beam headlights where external light levels are below the system’s threshold1. Importantly, the system is also designed to detect traffic ahead, and in a split second will automatically switch back to low beam to avoid dazzling others.





1These systems are not a substitute for driving safely with due care and attention and will not function under all circumstances, speeds, weather and road conditions, etc. Driver should not assume that these systems will correct errors of judgment in driving.  Please consult the owner’s manual or your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for more details.

2Price shown is MSRP. Includes $895 destination and delivery fee. Excludes taxes, title, license and other local fees. Actual price set by retailer. See your local authorized Land Rover Retailer for details.

3   Always obey local speed limits.

4 Driving while distracted can result in loss of vehicle control.  Do not operate, adjust or view the navigation or multimedia systems under conditions that will affect your safety or the safety of others. Only use devices with voice commands when it is safe to do so.

5 Power ratings are at a practically audio distortion free level of 0.2% THD + N (Total Harmonic Distortion plus Noise).

6 All figures are EPA estimates. Actual mileage may vary.

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