2014 Cadillac CTS Video Review

The CTS is the car that began Cadillac’s revival.  Now in its 3rd generation, this all-new 2014 Cadillac CTS is elevating its game to provide greater space and luxury without forgoing its athletic moves.

Or should I say the sense of greater space.  Despite the substantial 5-inch increase in overall vehicle length the interior stats look nearly identical to the outgoing model and technically speaking, this one is a tad smaller inside.  Even the trunk, at 13.7 cubic feet, is only a hair larger.  Yet, when I sat in the back I felt as though I could stretch my legs more – the trick, I believe, is that similar to the new Chevy Malibu, the rear seats are angled so that your behind sits deep in its spot.  The one problem with this is that it makes the seatback seem too upright and there is no recline function.

But the CTS’s longer, lower body not only presents itself more nobly it exponentially ratchets up its sophisticated sexiness.  It distances itself from the smaller ATS while very much looking the part of a German midsize sedan fighter.  Along with its new grown-up digs comes an equally grown up price.  The CTS I’m driving this week is the 2.0T Premium Collection – the top trim base model, if you will, with the 4-cylinder and rear-wheel drive.  Base price of this one is $62,725…that’s $13,540 more than a comparable 2013 model.  Tricked out even more with the Jet Black and Morello red accented full leather seats, 19” aluminum wheels and the extra charge red obsession paint, you’re looking at a CTS priced at $66,420.  And keep in mind, there are 3.6-liter V6, twin turbo and all-wheel drive models beyond this.  But in fairness, this Premium Collection trim packs in just about every car technology known to man highlighted by the CUE system and its associated configurable gauge cluster – a techie feature that leaves its competition in the Atari age.  Mastering the huge gauge display in particular takes lots of practice and I wish the select button felt more definitive when pushed, but if you love cutting edge tech and electronic coolness look no farther.  During this cold stretch the remote start, heated steering wheel and heated seats front and rear were huge pluses while safety features, like the vibrating driver’s  seat to alert of various dangers and automatic seat belt tightening, are brilliant.  And talk about quiet! The Bose 13 speaker surround sound with active noise cancellation ranks right up there with those ridiculously expensive European systems and keeps the cabin noise free.

When I first looked at the powertrain specs I admit I was a bit skeptical.  But the 2.0-liter turbo-4 and 6-speed auto have what it takes to provide the performance necessary to keep the CTS feeling lively without being juvenile.  And nailing that driver to car handshake with a perfectly sculpted seat, just-right positioning and superb steering instantly make you feel right at home.  But I certainly wouldn’t begrudge you from thinking that at over $66,000 the larger, more refined V6 might be the way to go.

272 horsepower, 295 foot pounds of torque and gas mileage on regular of 20mpg city/30mpg highway also speak to this CTS’s weight loss of 244 pounds.  It’s no barn burner taking 6.1-seconds to reach 60mph but it’s sufficiently quick and best of all feels as solid and well planted as they come with exceptional Brembo braking too boot.  Magnetic Ride Control shocks walk the line between European tuning and firm, leaving some I would gather to wish for an even more compliant ride.  The configurable head up display allows you to focus on the road while paddle shifters up the interactivity.  From a driver’s perspective, it’s top notch.

As the Cadillac car lineup continues to mature, the CTS can still be found in the middle of the action giving luxury sport sedan shoppers a no-excuses, fresh take.

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