2014 Lincoln MKZ – Video Review

2014 Lincoln MKZ – TestDriveNow.com Video Review: We know the company’s storied history, so the question today is where is Lincoln’s future?  Well, I can confidently state that if it looks as good as the new MKZ things are going to be more than okay. 

Though the MKZ debuted last year in a slow rollout, this 2014 model is the first one that’ll really gain traction in the marketplace.  And I’ve been anticipating this week-long test drive for a while, hoping that the renaissance of Ford’s luxury brand would take off in the right direction.  And I’m glad to report that it most certainly has. 

It all starts with a sensuously penned body – the first created by a dedicated team from the new Lincoln Design Studio. No matter at which angle your eyes catch it, the MKZ warrants a stare.  It’s uptown sophisticated, conservatively athletic, a tad retro and proudly American all at once.  Opt in for the $495 Ruby Red paint and the swaggering 19” polished aluminum wheels with painted pockets and you’ve got yourself a fantastic looking ride.  And though the MKZ shares much in common with the Ford Fusion – a beautifully designed car in its own right – it’s a pleasure to see that it possesses its own, individualized style.        

Unlike its Ford-branded cousin the Fusion, the MKZ can still be ordered with good old fashioned V6 power.  But here in this example is the company’s successful 2.0-liter turbo.  And it still provides the luxury car buyer with a heaping dose of refined power not to mention better MPGs. 

…22mpg city/31mpg highway on regualr to be exact. Front or all-wheel drive and even a hybrid, the MKZ gives you choices.  Fittingly, my tester is an AWD model with Pirelli high performance all-season rubber doing the work.  A set of winter tires would be a must for me but I can’t complain how the MKZ handled its snowy travels.  And when I did catch some dry pavement, the MKZ stuck confidently in the corners and felt eager to exercise the 4-cylinder’s lively 270 pound-feet of torque and 240 horsepower.  There’s a feeling of substantial heft from behind the wheel but it’s not from the MKZ being overweight – this model weighs a relatively tidy 3,874 pounds.  Instead it’s that solid, dynamic quality perceived in a touring sedan that’s been well built.  Lincoln Drive Control orchestrates the continuously controlled damping shocks, electric assist steering, engine, 6-speed automatic transmission and other variables to automatically deliver the optimum combination for tailored drivability.  Active Noise Control also works to keep the cabin quiet. No matter which type of driving situation awaits you, the MKZ does an excellent job at all of them.    

A smorgasbord of options allows for a cabin with a custom appearance and mine packs in the big $5,375 Preferred equipment group, moonroof and technology package creating a highly connected, intuitively modern traveling space absolutely bulging with high-end electronic features and customization.  The long running center console also provides an amount of storage space you won’t find anywhere else.  It’s everything I could ask for in terms of cutting edge safety, high-tech and comfort – well done Lincoln.

The rear seats of the MKZ provide some excellent talking points.  For one, you can see there’s plenty of legroom for at least 2 more adults.  My car has these optional inflatable seatbelts for better protection in an accident.  The outboard seats are heated.  Down here below this hood there are 2 power points; one of them being a traditional A/C outlet.  And get a load of this really cool LED light built into the headliner.  But the MKZ’s generous 16 cubic feet of trunk space is greater than that of a Mercedes E-Class.     

Starting price of this particular model is about $39,000.  After options it comes in at $48,500.  Put the MKZ on your short list of must drive luxury sedans. 

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