Toyota Reveals the Stunning Next-Generation Corolla Sedan

TORRANCE, Calif. (June 6, 2013) – The all-new 2014 Corolla will include dramatically amplified elements of style, design, quality and craftsmanship, while building upon the stellar Corolla reputation for reliability, efficiency and function, making Toyota’s newest compact the most surprising and…

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Flex-Fuel Vehicles: Is Fueling With E85 Worth It?

By Paul Crosby, There is a great discussion going on in our country concerning ways to reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Electric and hybrid vehicles have proved a popular alternative to traditional internal combustion motors. However, most drivers…

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Are You Ready To Buy An Electric Or Hybrid Vehicle?

By Paul Crosby, In an effort to help reduce pollution and save money on fuel, many drivers have turned to electric vehicles for their transportation needs. There are myriad types of electric vehicles in today’s marketplace. Most types fall…

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Distracting Drivers: Is New Technology Keeping Eyes On The Road?

By Paul Crosby,   Today’s drivers are more pressed for time than ever before and find themselves multitasking in order to get more done in less time. Unfortunately, most of this multitasking gets done behind the wheel of an…

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What Makes The Most Sense When Buying Or Leasing Your Next Car?

By Paul Crosby, In today’s marketplace, there are three primary methods of purchasing a new car; paying cash, financing or leasing. Buying a vehicle for cash is the most straightforward method. The buyer and seller agree on a price,…

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